Using Desol Education

How to successfully use the Desol Education Platform.

1. Choose a course

Check through a variety of courses available on Desolmed Education that you will like to learn about. The course listing includes business, management, core, and social sciences etc. The courses are mostly self-paced and vary in length and modalities which may include assignments, quizzes, or case studies.

2. Setup your Account

Once registration is completed, you can input all necessary details on your profile page. The information entered on your personal account will be used in filling out certificates/ learner’s verification once courses are completed. However, you can confirm the correction of these details at the point of issuing certificates.

3. Start Learning

You can start learning immediately once your account and profile page is completed. Course contents on Desolmed Education can include power point slides, short videos, images, quizzes and instructors assessment.


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