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How to start your learning Desol Education

Setup Your Profile Page

With just simple steps, setting up your profile page is simple and easy.

Choose A Course

Check through our courses/topics of interest to find a topic. Desol education has a variety of courses to pick from and they vary in length. Interestingly, users can learn at their pace and can complete many of the courses in a short duration.

Commence Learning

Students can choose free and paid courses.  There are vast number of free courses on the website and students can pay indicated amount for certificates or learners verification.

Start The Course

Once students indicate interest and choose a particular course, they can track their learning right from their dashboard.

Obtaining A Certificate

There are many courses available for student learning.  However, you can pick from a range of certificate awarding courses for a token. Certificates will be issued upon verification and learning and payment in no time.

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