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Become An Instructor

An educational instructor on Desolmed Education is an individual or organization that creates training courses on our platform, with guidance from us always.

Criteria needed to become an Instructor

To keep our courses as competitive as possible, we have some criteria that should be met. Our instructors, be it an organization or individual must have:

  • A strong academic research base
  • Expertise in the area of knowledge to be decimated
  • A commitment to educational advancement

How It Works

Apply To Become An Instructor

The first step to becoming an instructor is to register/create an account with Desolmed Education and apply as an instructor by filling the required form. This will give us adequate information about you or your organization.

Wait for your application approval

Your application will go through a thorough evaluation and provided it meets the required standard, your application will be approved. The applicant will have to be patient for a while due to a large number of applications we have to evaluate.

Develop Course

This is where you plan your lectures using slides, texts, or videos and can also sectionalize your course using our learning plan.

Start Earning With Us

As soon as your course is live on our platform, you start earning up to 60% any time a learner/student purchase your paid course(s). You get paid directly into your account monthly through our secured payment system.


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